Czytnik NFC Mifare ACR1251 USB NFC Reader II

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ACR1251U-A1 is suitable for any contactless smart card application such as personal identity verification, network login, online banking, and micropayment. With enhanced NFC features, ACR1251U-A1 is also ideal for non-conventional NFC applications like Smart Posters for advertising and marketing, and communication with most-NFC enabled mobile phones. Furthermore, ACR1251U-A1 is PC/SC-compliant, allowing interoperability across different applications and platforms. ACR1251U-A1 also supports remote post-deployment firmware update, which eliminates the need for additional hardware modification. With its compact size, trendy design and rich features, ACR1251U-A1 enables you to fully enjoy the convenience of using NFC applications.
Specyfikacja produktu
Częstotliwość : 13,56 MHz
Interfejs: USB
Kolor: Czarny

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